Instances to hire a wrongful termination lawyer


A wrongful termination lawyer is an important person to hire in cases when you feel that your termination is not warranted. Before you are terminated from your current employment in fresno ca, then the termination should be lawful. Most of the time people are terminated for personal and selfish reasons, and at this time it is important to hire a wrongful termination attorney fresno, ca. The attorney will take you through the process to make sure that you receive justice for your wrongful termination case. Here are some instances when you need to hire a lawyer.

Hiring a lawyer for wrongful termination

Violation of employment contract

Once you are employed, you are provided with an employment contract. The employment contract indicates all the instances that can lead to termination. The contract is usually binding and should not be violated at any time. In case you have been terminated for any reasons that are not indicated in the employment contract, then you can file for wrongful termination. Your lawyer will argue your case based on the violation of the employment contract.


Deferential treatment termination

There are instances when your termination is based on differential treatment. There are many legal ways to define differential treatment, but it simply means that you were terminated because you are different. In a differential termination case, the lawyer argues your case to mean that you were terminated because of your gender, race, disability, disease or even sexual harassment.

No evidence of wrongful termination

For lawful termination, there must be some evidence to show that the termination was lawful. In a case where the employer argues that they terminated you due to poor performance, then they must provide the evidence that your performance was poor. This will include things like employment files and reviews. If the employer cannot provide evidence for termination, then they will have to answer for the wrongful termination suit.


Retaliation case

There are instances when the employer will terminate your employment because of a retaliation case. In such a case, the employer terminates your employment because you acted as a whistle blower and reported illegal activities at the workplace. The lawyer will evaluate your case, and if the report that you made was in good faith, then that will be termed as a wrongful termination.

In case you feel that you were wrongfully terminated, then the best option is always to get the services of a good lawyer and discuss your case.

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