Things that you should know before you hire a home care assistant


Is it time that you need Home Care Assistance for your aging parent? When it comes to this, you have to make sure you are making the right decision. Recent statistics show that 79% of people prefer for their loved ones to receive care at home rather than taking them to an institution.

If you have decided for HCA for your loved one, here are some of the things you must know:

Paid vs. voluntary care

When it comes to home care assistants, you can have them paid or on a voluntary basis. These are the two options you have to decide from. Each of them has its merits and disadvantages. While voluntary help would be great for your finances, you will not have any control over very many things. For the paid one you will be fully in charge, and you can dictate the terms. For many people, paying for the home care is their most preferred option.


Individual vs. agency

There are individuals trained as home care givers and are out there looking for a job. On the other hand, there are agencies with trained home care givers. If you choose an individual, the contract will be between the two of you. If you choose the agency, the contract will be between you and the agency that will in return assign you an assistant.

Many people prefer agencies since they are well organized and give further training to their staff. You will also have the guarantee of a good care assistant since the agency will be depending on its good name to get more customers.

Your HCA will be involved in everyday decisions about your loved one.

Since you will have the assistant right at home, she will be involved in making a crucial decision. It will be their duty to determine what your elderly parents need and when to give them. Most of the time, you will not be at home. Thus you will have to trust the assistant with many things. It is important that you let her do her job as best as she knows how.

You must vet the skill set of your HCA

Home care is not a simple task; it comes with many responsibilities. A good home care giver should possess specific attributes that would make them better placed to deal with the job description. Some of them are patience, time management, reliability and interpersonal skills.

Is HCA right for your aging mom or dad?

hgdhd6d4Making this decision cannot be taken lightly. It will affect you and your loved one. You must be sure that this is the best course of action. That is why you need to thoroughly vet whoever will be giving the home care.

If you feel that it is the right time you get some help at home with your elderly parents, going to a professional would be the right choice. Make sure you will get the best service for your mom or dad to feel loved always. Hopefully, this post has helped you in making the right HCA choice.…

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