Building A Guitar – 3 Ways To Do It


If you have been playing the guitar for some time now, you might probably be interested in building a design you call your own. Many guitarists have tried and done this in the past. Some guitarists enjoy making guitars just as they enjoy playing them. This begs the question, can you build a guitar you can call your own? Building a guitar should not be hard provided you have the right parts. You also need to spend some time learning the craft.

You can spend a significant part of your life trying to master this craft. The most important thingASXAaSAdxsa about learning this craft is to have an interest. With interest, you can then use the resources presented to you along the way. It is advisable to start building simple designs as you move to complex ones. That said, here are some options to use if you are thinking about building your first guitar.

Building a guitar from custom kits

This is the simplest method of building an electric guitar. As such, individuals wanting to start off slowly are advised to use these kits. Most guitar kits will have almost everything you need in these kits. However, most of them give you the chance to modify and finish some parts just to help you get started. The experienced gathered from using guitar kits from, serves to prepare you for difficult challenges down the road.

Building a guitar from custom parts

asXDaSDaSASThis is a relatively easy method of making guitars. However, one needs to have some experience in building guitars first. As such, you need to buy things like pre-routed bodies and pre-fretted necks. This is bound to simplify the whole process of making the guitar. The good thing about this approach is that you get to choose every part you need giving you the opportunity to have an instrument of your liking. This is one of the main reasons most musicians opt to follow this path considering that most guitar manufacturers do not provide them with exact specifications.

Building the guitar from scratch

This is one of the most complicated projects you can attempt to undertake. This is usually done by the select few who have spent years in this trade. Building a guitar from scratch can only be done by someone with perfect woodworking skills, machines, and sound knowledge of guitars. Individuals that have mastered this skill are known as luthiers.