Health Benefits Of Skullcap

There are numerous health benefits which are associated with this medicinal herb. They include it strong ability in reducing anxiety, lowering inflammation, balancing of hormones, aiding in sleep issues, preventing certain cancers, treating diabetes and soothing the nervous system. Skullcap is a perennial plant which belongs to the mint family. Its scientific name is Scutellaria lateriflora.

This herb has numerous health benefits which are mainly attributed to its powerful chemical compounds which have different uses. This plant which was traditionally grown by the Native Americans. Let us now have a look at the impressive health benefits associated with the skullcap.

Providing relief for anxiety

There are different herbs which can be used for relieving anxiety and stress. Herbs and essential oils are widely used in aromatherapy in treating tension and anxiety.

Skullcap tea is also used  for relieving stress.This plant is helpful in regulating the balance of the body hormones. Additionally, its phenolic compounds are rich in antioxidants compounds which help in balancing the hormones in the body and  stimulating the secretion or release of endorphins. This is beneficial in balancing your mood.

Promoting liver health

Skullcap tea is one of the popular beverages used in detoxifying the body as well as boosting the general health of the body. It does this by increasing the antioxidant activity in your liver thereby boosting the efficiency of the liver. This can greatly help in reducing the amount of toxins in the blood and in the body. The process of removing toxins helps in improving the overall wellness and health of the body.

Heart health

Skullcap has a powerful ability of lowering the cholesterol levels in the body. This is significant in lowering the risks of developing atherosclerosis which is the leading cause of strokes and heart attacks. The process of lowering the cholesterol levels is also helpful in lowering blood pressure.

Relieving pain

This herb has analgesic qualities which are useful in relieving pain in the body which is mainly associated with inflammation. In controlling pain, the paste obtained from skullcap is applied directly on the area which is experiencing pain. This can facilitate the healing process of wounds as well as improving the recovery from an injury.

Prevention of cancer

Skullcap has been in use for many years especially in Chinese medicine  in treating cancer. This herb is known for inducing apoptosis (sudden death of cell) in cancerous cells. This is helpful in preventing further spread of the cancerous cells as well as slowing down the growth of tumours.