Air filters arrest less than 15% of pollutants, leaving 85% to enter your homes, offices, and workplaces. With today’s advanced building technology our enclosed spaces have become very airtight and efficient trapping most of the contaminants. According to the Environment Protection Agency, the average American spends 93% of their lives indoors. This then means that the quality of air is of critical importance.

The effects of an unclean duct

While research has not conclusively proved that cleaning of air ducts actually reduce pollutants in our ndnhhomes, it is still important. You may then ask, why clean air ducts? There are very valid points why ducts should be cleaned. If ducts become Infested with vermins like rodents, insects then duct cleaning will be very appropriate. This is to ensure that no transmission of Infection happens. If there is an accumulation of dust and debris that they are released into your home, then duct cleaning will be the most logical course of action. If there is a substantial growth of mold, algae in your system. This points out to a bigger underlying issue like leakage in your HVAC system. The underlying problem should be fixed as well as cleaning the duct.

What exactly does air duct cleaning entail?

Air duct cleaning is based on the principle of physical removal of accumulated dirt, insect, pollen or any other contaminant visible to the naked eye. Others go as far as dosing biocides to air ducts to prevent the growth of algae and bacteria. Hand cleaning tools which include hand brushes and agitation machines are commonly employed in air duct cleaning in phoenix. They usually dislodge the accumulated and petrified deposits. Pneumatic tools like blowguns then push the particles towards the collection point where vacuum cleaners then suck them in.

Air duct cleaning

DumhdfdnsNumerous companies offer these services. Phoenix is located in Arizona which is a desert. Daytime temperatures during summer are very high while in winter it becomes very cold. This means that 90% of household have HVAC systems which utilize air ducts. Air duct cleaning in is big business employing thousands of people. From small start ups to established companies, The city is awash with cleaning companies. Hundreds of companies offer these services. With a population of over a million people, this is no surprise. Air duct cleaning costs vary depending on the size of duct, the location of the duct (chimney, outdoor, attic, etc.), type of system needing cleaning (heating or cooling ducts). The application of a disinfectant is required to control dust mites and bacteria will be desirable. Most companies offering such services in Phoenix customize their service to meet customers desires. They usually have well-developed websites with their digital footprint being quite large.…

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Effective Ways Of Preventing Mosquito Bites

Most people are tempted in spending time outside their houses during the beautiful summer days. These people are faced with the problem of constantly scratching themselves due to the bites caused by mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are known for causing diseases such as malaria and the West Nile Virus.

Studies have revealed that there are certain factors which make people more susceptible to mosquito bites. For example, individuals having type O blood group or high blood pressure as well as pregnant mothers are more prone to these bites. These factors will always increase your chances of being bitten by mosquitoes. The following are some of the recommended methods for preventing mosquito bites.

Choosing chemical-free repellents

Repellents are commonly used in banishing bugs and insects. However, you are discouraged from using a high dosage of these repellents. Chemical-free repellents are considered as the safest alternatives. They include eucalyptus and lemon oil which are the best enemies of mosquitoes. This is the main reason why they are regularly used by people in controlling these creatures.

When possible, you should avoid going out during dusk and dawn. Mosquitoes will always tend to bite you during these hours. In fact, if you are interested in seeing the sun then you can try looking through your windows. This would be a better idea.

Cleaning your pool

Mosquitoes are mainly found in the stagnant or standing water. You should ensure that your pool is cleaned on a regular basis to control the breeding of mosquitoes. You are more likely to be bitten if there is some standing water within your compound.

Putting on white colours

Dark colours attract bugs. These creatures are known for preying on animals which have dark fur. Putting on light colours will ensure that you are not attractive to these tiny creatures. You will be bitten more as compared to your siblings if you decide to put on the dark colours.

Avoid using flowery perfumes

The use of flowery perfumes can be problematic when getting rid of these tiny creatures. Mosquitoes love nectar. You are therefore advised to avoid using perfumes before going to bed.

Covering your skin

Your skin should always be covered by wearing socks, long-sleeved shirts, and long pants. Mosquitoes are known for landing on the skin’s surface which is exposed. You should also tuck in your shirt in case you have a cloth which has some gaps. These gaps can allow these creatures to suck your blood. Alternatively, you can remain indoors in case you are living in an area which is heavily infested with mosquitoes.

Avoid drinking beer

Research which has been conducted has revealed that individuals who are drunk are more prone bites. It is therefore advisable to avoid drinking beer when going out for a party or walk.



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