Effective Ways Of Preventing Mosquito Bites

Most people are tempted in spending time outside their houses during the beautiful summer days. These people are faced with the problem of constantly scratching themselves due to the bites caused by mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are known for causing diseases such as malaria and the West Nile Virus.

Studies have revealed that there are certain factors which make people more susceptible to mosquito bites. For example, individuals having type O blood group or high blood pressure as well as pregnant mothers are more prone to these bites. These factors will always increase your chances of being bitten by mosquitoes. The following are some of the recommended methods for preventing mosquito bites.

Choosing chemical-free repellents

Repellents are commonly used in banishing bugs and insects. However, you are discouraged from using a high dosage of these repellents. Chemical-free repellents are considered as the safest alternatives. They include eucalyptus and lemon oil which are the best enemies of mosquitoes. This is the main reason why they are regularly used by people in controlling these creatures.

When possible, you should avoid going out during dusk and dawn. Mosquitoes will always tend to bite you during these hours. In fact, if you are interested in seeing the sun then you can try looking through your windows. This would be a better idea.

Cleaning your pool

Mosquitoes are mainly found in the stagnant or standing water. You should ensure that your pool is cleaned on a regular basis to control the breeding of mosquitoes. You are more likely to be bitten if there is some standing water within your compound.

Putting on white colours

Dark colours attract bugs. These creatures are known for preying on animals which have dark fur. Putting on light colours will ensure that you are not attractive to these tiny creatures. You will be bitten more as compared to your siblings if you decide to put on the dark colours.

Avoid using flowery perfumes

The use of flowery perfumes can be problematic when getting rid of these tiny creatures. Mosquitoes love nectar. You are therefore advised to avoid using perfumes before going to bed.

Covering your skin

Your skin should always be covered by wearing socks, long-sleeved shirts, and long pants. Mosquitoes are known for landing on the skin’s surface which is exposed. You should also tuck in your shirt in case you have a cloth which has some gaps. These gaps can allow these creatures to suck your blood. Alternatively, you can remain indoors in case you are living in an area which is heavily infested with mosquitoes.

Avoid drinking beer

Research which has been conducted has revealed that individuals who are drunk are more prone bites. It is therefore advisable to avoid drinking beer when going out for a party or walk.



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Tips For Preventing A Car Crash

The increasing number of vehicles and pedestrians using roads has to lead to an increase in the number of accidents. Many people are getting injured or even dying in car accidents. Some of the leading factors which contribute to these accidents include poor driving skills, over speeding, road environment, and careless driving. Accidents can harm your life as well as property. The following are some of the effective measures which should be adopted to prevent or avoid car accidents.

Keeping your eyes on the other cars and the road

Keeping your eyes on the car ahead will not guarantee you a safe journey. The traffic and the road ahead should be analyzed critically when driving. This will provide the driver with a better chance of analyzing any problem which might arise while still driving. This will give the driver enough time of reacting to the problems which arise. This will also decrease the driver’s chance of rear-ending the car or vehicle in front of him or her in case he decides to stop unexpectedly.

Observing the blind spots

Drivers are supposed to be very cautious when driving to avoid the blind spots. This can be done by adjusting the side mirrors and the rear-view. This will provide the driver with a seamless view of the scenes behind him or her. However, drivers are discouraged from relying on the use of mirrors entirely when driving. You might end up missing something which might not be detected by the mirrors. Looking directly on the various lanes beside your vehicle will enable you to detect any blind spot on the road.

By knowing the limit of your car while driving

As a driver, you should be aware of the limit of your car when driving. This should apply for all the types of cars. This will help you in judging how your vehicle or car reacts in different circumstances or situations. Some of the important items that you should know include the condition and operation of the braking system and the nature of your tires. This will help you in stopping the vehicle by applying the minimum pressure possible. This is beneficial in avoiding an accident or a car crash.

Judging the drivers by their car’s condition

You should pay extra attention whenever you find a car with a poor condition. Drivers operating such vehicles are also likely to be inattentive. You should also consider a driver who is drifting too often in the lane. This could be a clear indication that he or she is tired or drunk. You should stay away from these cars to avoid accidents.


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